A brave and adventurous boy with a great magic power hidden inside him, he often gets in trouble because he acts without planning, but with the help of Mila and Grandpa he always get out of trouble and enjoys his adventures. He is over protective when it comes to his family, that’s why he is always taking care of Mila even if she doesn’t realize it.


Bruno is the only one who can summon the Magic Towers thanks to the power of the “Magic Book”, a mysterious and ancient object that woke up by being in touch with Bruno’s interior magic.

Green Mana Invocation – As a secondary effect of being close to the Magic Book, Bruno can create a spell that increases the amount of Green Mana.


A shy but cute and smart girl, she usually have an answer to everything and always has the best ideas to get his brother out of trouble, she’s a little younger than Bruno and admires him. She gets scared very easily especially to the dark, but she keeps it in secret because she is daughter of a family of ghost hunters, the good thing is that Bruno is always taking care of her.


Mila also posses a great power since she is the only one able to make three spells when she is closet o the Magic Book. Am I the only one who has ever asked what would be Mila’s power when she finds and activate a magic object?

Blaze A strong spell that hurts and burns every ghost in sight.

Quicksand  This spell has save Bruno, Mila and Grandpa in more than one time, it returns every ghost to the beginning of the road.

Heavenly Light Release a very powerful beam of light that kills and purifies every ghost it reaches, but it requires a great amount of magic power.


He is wise and a true guide by nature, Grandpa helps Bruno and Mila to confront the dangers that awaits by explaining them how the Magic Book works, how to use spells and how to overcome any obstacle they come across. It seems to be that he have forgotten something very important when he became a ghost, but it really doesn’t matter, together they will overcome every obstacle.


It is Grandpa who invokes and keeps active the Magic Barrier that protects Bruno and Mila from the ghosts.

Regeneration It requires a great amount of effort to invoke the Magic Barrier, that’s why Grandpa uses this spell to regenerate its health when it suffers damage from ghosts.


Without doubt he is the Most Evil Ghost Ever, we know very little about him only that ancient heroes who fought against the ghostly forces of evil sealed him a very long time ago. He has finally managed to escape from his prison and he is willing to end what he started so long ago.


The records about him have been missing through time, that’s why there is no much information about him having special powers, but we can be very sure that it is him who invokes and controls every horde of ghosts lurking in the dark.


Ghost Apocalypse is a Tower Defense game whose main goal is to avoid ghosts from destroying the Magic Barrier that protects Bruno, Mila and Grandpa. In order to accomplish this goal it is necessary to create a strategy that combines the creation of roads, the invocation of Magic Towers and their special abilities in combination with the spells of Bruno, Mila and Grandpa.  It is a strategic game for all ages where there are different ways to overcome the obstacles.